Deep Country Dream

by Otto and the Moaners

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Blue Moon Days are gettin' longer Still a long way to June Here between day and evenin’ Nightfall comin’ soon A Blue moon rising Not so far on our horizon And now she’s gaining sky Lighting up the countryside You looked at me And we both knew Nights like these Only come around Once in a blue Once in a blue Once in a blue moon Guess by now we know These moments are rare A little taste of heaven To have and to share The night opens wide Clear in the winter sky Down below we hold each other For a little while
Sierra Winds What brought you here to ride sierra winds Where you climbed to delight in the view There your spirit flew High into the blue The moanin’ of the ghosts are growing Mountain mist and the woodsmoke mix People are tendin’ their little fires Warmin’ the spaces in their old houses Closer together ‘til the world disappears All we are all we ever need is right here Spirits on the wind are beginning to stir Lines in between are starting to blur Take in a deep drink of evening And we drift away
Trouble in the Country Daylight fading My time has come Ain’t gonna hide And I ain’t gonna run Cause I ain’t backing down no more Wouldn’t be right If he wasn’t high Stoned outta his mind In an hour He’ll be kickin in my door Trouble in the country tonight A shadow I can’t lose Trouble in the country tonight There’s a mad dog on the loose No one at all to hear my call When I see that man I’m gonna take a stand Cause I can’t take it anymore Here in the drawer I keep a 44 Tonight the countryside gonna hear it roar Cause I ain’t backing down no more
Wild Heart They’ve fenced off the west Barbed wires cannot stop Your restless spirit from blowing free Who can name these forces That charge our passions And stir our deepest needs Love is the highest art But who will tame your wild heart Beyond the glow Of campfire light Our bodies tremble at the sight Like the dawn, we are powerfully born Shivers sweepin over the open plains
Dance Floor (High Above the World) We step without touching the ground Then lift off of the earth What could gravity say That could make the weightless obey I'm no dancer But when we wrap our arms around each other We're on a dance floor High above the world Take a good look around This world has so many people down Wrapped in chains they can't even see Who among us can afford to be free We could leave' em all behind With power in mind Step outside of time and rise Somewhere between the stars & the skies
There’s Someone Else She got her mind packed And walkin down the hall Been too long since she felt anything For him at all It’s hard to explain Even a fool can tell Ooo There’s someone else Taken for granted Love can’t help but fade You only get so many flickers That turn to flame Walkin’ around in a daze Like she’s under a spell Ooo There’s someone else There’s someone You been dreamin on It’s the feelin’ in the breeze that comes before the storm Can’t deny what the heart can’t help Won’t be long before she gives herself Ooo To someone else When she rolls over To hide the tears That’s been stored away For all those years A feelin’s comin on strong That she can’t help Ooo There’s someone else
High Country This hard livin been wearin’ me thin And I’m gonna disappear Where the air is pure and the sky is clear All my thoughts dissolve into blue Rinsed clean by evening And settles down into mornin’ dew Like this mountain I’m still standing strong Like this old wind I been riding on Up here where this mountain meets the sky You can see so clearly In High Country Lightning strike this mountain, Thunder in our hearts This fire Splits the darkness in two Heard in the heaven, And in the valley down below This rumbling, Felt for many miles
Thousand Miles Sun is warm again today A thousand miles away But it’s not as warm, As warm as your smile And it’s nice, All the while Though it’s not as nice as your smile Sky is cloudless blue today A thousand miles away But it’s not as blue, As blue as your eyes But it’s alright, The light is shining through Though it’s not as blue as your smile Breeze is blowing softly today A thousand miles away But it’s not as soft, Soft as your touch Yeah but it’s good, Good enough, Though it’s not as soft as your touch


All songs written by Matt Lundquist
Except ‘Trouble in the Country’ by Lundquist, Ryan Payton, Lexi Len
Engineered by Andy Beargie @ Blockhouse Studios
And Ben Lumsdaine @ Russian Recording
Produced by Lundquist / Beargie
Mixed by Andy Beargie
Mastered by Connor O'Sullivan
Photography by Ginger Fierstein
Art Direction and design by Connor O’Sullivan


released June 7, 2020

The Band:
Matt Lundquist - guitars, vox, pedal steel
Devin Brown - acoustic
Glenn Myers - bass
Ben Lumsdaine - drums
Kirby Hammel - keys, organ
Matt Romy - keys
Susan Anderson - violin
Danny Deckard - percussion
Jessi Phillips - harmony vox
Travis Puntarelli - harmony vox


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Otto and the Moaners Bloomington, Indiana

Otto and the Moaners is the vehicle of songwriter Matt Lundquist. Named in honor of his banjo plucking great uncle Otto, the band has been on a slow burn since 2008.

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